Portfolio Magazine Interview

Alon Bonder (b.1987) is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Tel Aviv. Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Bonder draws his inspiration from various cultures of design and manual crafts, using traditional silkscreen method to convey images to various mediums such as paper, ceramic tiles, textiles and sculpture. His use of clear and linear graphic language resembles contemporary graphic design, but his usage of traditional handicrafts techniques creates a unique contrast and an innovative aesthetic language. 

His world of images includes objects and elements taken from wide array of cultures, which are integrated into complex compositions that can be read as a formation of symbols. There is an inner narrative to Bonder’s iconographic universe. At times evoking scientific and botanical diagrams, at other times a play of balance, pendulums and gravity. Mixing old and new, archaic and current, folk art and 2D design, Bonder’s work exposes the interdisciplinary relationship of humans and their interaction with their natural environments.

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